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Democracy Doncaster Style

With the current regime in DMBC we have stepped back in time, the latest news online from the council website is a misinterpretaion of facts regarding the results in recent ballots of union members regarding to proposed cuts in wages and ch…anges in terms/conditions. The anti union sentiment in the statement is a throwback to the propoganda peddled by the Thatcher Government during the Miners strike, the writer of the piece should also remember that a No vote is a No vote and no matter what perecntage of members voted the result is valid its no argument that only 2% were against the cuts if that is the case should Peter Davies be Mayor of Doncaster and how many of the councillors would have a seat. The proud boast of Ms Jo Miller Chief Executive of DMBC is that around 4 out of 5 staff of the 5000+ employees have agreed voluntarily to accept changes to their contracts, hardly volunteering when the alternative is lose your job. Rumours abound throughout the various depts in DMBC that managers having been coercing staff to sign the letters or be subject to sanctions of various types, I say rumours because very few staff are willing to name the managers because of the same fears. The staff who havent yet “voluntarily” agreed to the changes are now awaiting the final letter offering them termination of present contracts and an offer to re-engage under the new terms and the length of notice they have to sign, now according to the rather slipshod accounting of numbers of staff this could hypothetically lead to between 1000 and 1700 staff not signing the new contracts and losing their jobs not only adding to the 11000+ already unemployed in Doncaster but also what cost to the people who depend on DMBC for the services they supply to its citizens, looking after our elederly relatives in their own homes or care homes,helping those recentley out of hospital to look after themselves at home the children of Doncaster who have been let down in the past by mismanagement of Childrens Services through understaffing and heavy caseloads. The staff of DMBC do care about the services they provide to the people of Doncaster, and JO that is all the staff not just those who have “voluntarily” signed. To all DMBC staff keep up the excellent work you do for us and on our behalf you deserve to be paid a decent wage for the work you do and I hope other members of our great Doncaster public think so too THANK YOU ALL FOR THE GREAT WORK YOU DO.

Mining Memories

Said to my dad one day I thnk I’ll go down’t pit, well if thats what you want you should try to be a sparky, well I was thinking more of being a fitter says I, you don’t wanna do that says me Dad just look at Shep up the street he’s an electrician have you seen the size of him, he never has anything much to do, the two fitters are running around all shift, no you don’t wanna be a fitter be a sparky lot easier, so that was it September 1967 signed on as an apprentice at Rosso colliery. 4 years later and there I was qualified and on the same face as me Dad, Shep from up the street and the two fitters Barry and Taffy, me dad was right fitters never stopped, always running up the face to get something working, me and Shep having a relatively easy life compared to them, but always ready to lend a hand when it was needed or wanted. Seven years on 70’s in the Barnsley seam, it took almost an hour and a quarter to get to the face before starting work walking, on paddies(trains) pulled by either locos or rope hauled, just got further in but after seven years still took the same time paddies just got extended, they’re all gone now me Dad, Barry, Taffy and Shep all down Waddy lane graveyard, where did all those years go and the mates.

More later if anyone reads it

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